NOTE: Upload the PV_INFO.txt file in order to to see a list of tunes that will fit your bike.

Upload File

Browse to your PV_INFO.TXT file to find tunes that are compatible with your vehicle (Need Instructions? Click Here)

The PV_INFO file is generated automatically by the file wizard when the device is first powered on and connected to the vehicle. To upload the PV_INFO file, please connect the Power Vision CX to your computer via the included USB cable. The Power Vision will attach to the PC and any tunes and files will be available as if a flash drive / USB thumb drive were attached.

The PV_Info.txt file is on this drive. Click the “Browse” or "Choose File" button below, navigate to the drive labeled “POWERVISION”, and select the “PV_Info.txt” file. Click the “Upload Your PV_INFO.TXT File” button and compatible tunes for your vehicle will be listed below.

The Power Vision CX acts as a flash drive – you can place new tunes on the device by simply dragging and dropping them onto the drive.

Navigate to the POWERVISION drive attached to your computer and open the PV_Info.txt file via the “Upload” button on this page to list tunes compatible with your vehicle.


You are running an old firmware, version . You must update firmware to the latest version in order to access the available tunes. Click here to download the latest firmware version. We also recommend you download the software update client to manage the latest releases. Click here to download the update client. The Update Client is required to install the latest firmware on your device.You may also want to download the latest version of Power Core software, but it’s not required to access or load tunes to your device. Click here to download Power Core.

Please note, our Terms and Conditions have changed. We now require a verifiable email address in order for you to access our tunes.

Thank you. You can download tunes now.
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