Power Vision CX FAQs

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Do I need to install the Power Vision CX on my vehicle?

You do not need to install it to tune your vehicle. It plugs into the vehicle’s ECM diagnostic connector and sends the tune directly to the ECM. Once the tune is flashed to the ECM you can remove it or leave it connected to view real-time data while the vehicle is running. If you want to view real-time data then you can install it using the supplied Velcro or using an accessory mount with AMPS pattern (30mm x 38mm, M4-0.7 thread).

Do I need to use a computer?

No. Re-flashing the vehicle’s ECM is accomplished all through the device. You may need to connect the supplied USB cable to a Windows PC to load a custom tune file onto the device or for any firmware updates.

I see you have a Power Commander V and also the Power Vision CX for my vehicle. Which one is better?

The Power Commander is a piggy-back device that must be installed to function. The Power Vision CX is a re-flash device that doesn’t need to be installed. Both will give you more performance and improved drive-ability by adjusting the fuel & ignition, however, the Power Vision CX allows tune changes that can only occur by re-flashing the ECM such as: lowering cooling fan turn on temp, disabling torque limiting functions, and revised drive-by-wire profiles. The Power Commander offers faster real-time tuning through the device whereas the Power Vision CX requires the ECM to be re-flashed after changes are made to the tune.

Can I use the Power Vision CX on multiple vehicles?

No. The device will be married to the vehicles ECM.

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